A few important items for people who are going to register and people who have finished the registration already:


Selecting members for the registration:

If a member you are registering is already in our family tree database, please use the "Search and select" field under "Add Participant from Database" to select the member (in the very fist step of the registration). We are using the member information to print the name cards and such. Only use "Add Participant manually" if you are registering someone that is not in the database.

Please review your registration here: https://stammbaum.naeffenfest.ch/anmeldung/participants_simple.php
If there are any members registered by you and you know they are in the database, but their name is not a link to that persons profile let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We can reopen your registration or fix it for you.


As person performing the registration:

The person which is logged in to the family tree is automatically a participant on the registration form (responsible for the registration and can not be removed). If you are the one doing the registration, please log in with your own account.


Thank you for everyone that already registered.