News have been pretty scarce in the last few months, so here is a little something as a sign of life and to give you some insight to our work.

The commitee is hard at work and we will soon be sending out the official invitation for the reunion. Our team is put together by great volunteers who are giving their spare time to once again organize a memorable celebration.
As every year, it is sometimes not easy to find people who have the time to volunteer for such an event - organizing an event for about 300 people has its challenges. If you are excited about the upcoming reunion and have some time between now and the reunion (or would like to lend a hand during the festivities), please reach out to us via Facebook or the contacts below. There are still various jobs to fill and help we need. Do not hesitate if you don't live in or near Switzerland, we can discuss various options for help we need before and during the reunion.
For joining the committee: contact Tobias May
For helping during the reunion: contact Adrian Naeff



After sending out the save-the-date notification a few months ago, much work has been put into updating as many entries in our family tree as possible. There was a noticeable increase in people accessing the family tree and checking or updating their information and information of their family and relatives. By directly contacting various family members all throughout the world, we were able to reach even more people and get help checking and updating our records. Many thanks for that!


To give you a little overview what it includes to plan these festivities, here is a (probably incomplete) list:

  • The registration - The invitation has to be sent, online registration has to be updated and tested, paper invitations have to be sent and managed
  • Finances - payment accounts have to be ready, accounting has to be handled and our finances have to be managed so that we can continue this tradition for many times to come
  • Transportation - The town has to be informed and we need adequate possibilites for parking, the Stossbahn has to be ready to bring everyone to the reunion field
  • Food and beverage - Lunch, dinner, dessert, drinks, brunch... noone should go hungry
  • Entertainment - Band, music, light and the famous play. The polonaise and someone that captures the event in film and picture. Games for all our young family members. Decoration of the party tent and the design of all our enlarged family trees
  • The sunday on castle Gruenenstein
  • Setup and cleanup of the reunion site, help during the reunion, welcoming guests and name tags
  • ...and much more


Many of you might be wondering about the timeline of the reunion this year in order to plan travels and accommodations. Since we do not have an official timeline out yet, feel free to take a look at the 2014 timeline and details to give you an idea for the upcoming reunion.