Thank you very much for all the ones which already registered for the upcoming family reunion. We now have over 100 people which registered through the online family tree and there are many more which registered by mail or filled out the registration form and sent it in by e-mail.

Please try to have completed your registration in about 3 weeks (by April 20th) to simplify the reunion planning for us.

And again for your information: For questions/problems with the family tree contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and for questions/problems with the registration contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I hope that we can again like in the past years reach the number of over 300 reunion participants!

This year, in addition to the free drink reception on Schloss Grünenstein, we offer the possibility for a wine tasting with a visit to the vineyard and the newly opened Torkel and where the wine is pressed and stored. The cost of the tasting (Fr. 14.-) must be paid directly on site. Please mark the appropriate fields on the registration if you would like to participate in the drink reception and/or wine tasting.

The registration for the Naeffen Reunion 2019 is open!

Some of you will receive the invitation per mail, others per E-Mail (it depends on what information we have of you in the online-familytree). Further information about the registration and the reunion can be found under Registration, Invitation Details and Program. Invited are: All direct descendants of Maria and Johann Mathias Naeff-Dalp, spouses and partners.

In case you would like additional people to be invited to the reunion or if you do not receive an invitation within the next two weeks, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All the familytree data until March 8 2019 were included for the distribution of the invitations.

Please register for the reunion by April 20th, 2019.


News have been pretty scarce in the last few months, so here is a little something as a sign of life and to give you some insight to our work.

The commitee is hard at work and we will soon be sending out the official invitation for the reunion. Our team is put together by great volunteers who are giving their spare time to once again organize a memorable celebration.
As every year, it is sometimes not easy to find people who have the time to volunteer for such an event - organizing an event for about 300 people has its challenges. If you are excited about the upcoming reunion and have some time between now and the reunion (or would like to lend a hand during the festivities), please reach out to us via Facebook or the contacts below. There are still various jobs to fill and help we need. Do not hesitate if you don't live in or near Switzerland, we can discuss various options for help we need before and during the reunion.
For joining the committee: contact Tobias May
For helping during the reunion: contact Adrian Naeff


Naeffenwappen 64x64We present the Naeffen emblem: available to order as stickers or as free downloads for your own purposes.


This list contains some of the Hotels and Camping areas in and around Altstätten. If available the links to the Homepages are listed.

Updated: March 2019



Hotel Name
Address  Phone Website
Gasthaus Hopfenstube Alte Ruppenstrasse 6
9450 Altstätten SG
071 755 31 76  
Gasthaus Lindenhof Oberrieter Strasse 14
9450 Altstätten SG
071 755 15 09
Hotel Untertor Engelgasse 13
9450 Altstätten SG
071 757 50 50
Gasthaus Ziel Trogenerstrasse 99
9450 Altstätten
071 755 11 84
Gratis: 0800 75 11 84
Hotel Badhof Rorschacherstrasse 33
9450 Lüchingen
071 755 11 22
Gasthaus Ochsen Staatsstrasse 72
9445 Rebstein
071 777 12 60  
Gasthaus Löwen Eichenwies Staatsstrasse 171
9463 Oberriet
071 761 11 83
Haus zur Eintracht Oberriet Buckstrasse 11
9463 Oberriet
071 763 66 66
Hotel Krone Oberriet Staatsstrasse 79
9463 Oberriet
071 761 11 88
Haus zur Krone Freienbach Freienbach 18
9463 Oberriet
071 761 00 62
Sky Design Motel Hill GmbH Kriessern Zollstrasse 7
9451 Kriessern
071 727 06 00
Hotel Löwen

Bahnhofstrasse 29
9443 Widnau

071 722 10 33  
Hotel Forum Bahnhofstrasse 24
9443 Widnau 
071 722 88 66
Hotel Metropol Bahnhofstrasse 26/28
9443 Widnau
071 726 30 30
Hotels in Oberriet




Camping Area Name
Address Phone Website
Sonnensee +41 71 755 21 35
Baggersee +41 71 755 18 06
Bruggerhorn Bruggerhorn
9430 St. Margrethen
071 744 22 01
Gasthaus Ziel
RV Parking
Trogenerstrasse 99
9450 Altstätten
0041 71 755 45 63
Reunion Field

You can set up your own tent on the reunion field (or even inside the pavilion) to stay over night. Ask the committee when you arrive at the reunion so they can show you where it is best to set up your tent.


You can also stay over night in the reunion pavillon. Just bring your sleeping bag and maybe a camping mat (Attention: we do not have a defined quiet time at night!).


Translation from german: Die Vorfahren der Familie Steinlin von St. Gallen

The participants of the Naeffenfest 2009 may have wondered why the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses the great, who lived around 1320 to 1240 BC, came to be the caretaker of the current generation's Naeffen-spirit. It is simply because Ramses the great is the oldest well-known ancestor of all the Naeff family. You can read about this and more in the history-work "Die Vorfahren der Familie Steinlin von St.Gallen" (in German only), researched and written by Uli Steinlin. The Steinlin family are descendants of Johann Matthias Naeff and Maria Dalp, and are therefore listed in the ancestry of the Naeff family. If you look even further into the past of our progenitors (German: Stammelternpaar), there are ancestors from Altstätten, the Rheintal, and Glarus in the family line of the Naeffs (back then: Näff), and from Graubünden, Zürich, and other regions of Switzerland in the family line of the Dalps. Tracing those families back you discover here and there members of the lower nobility, later also of the higher nobility and and the ruling families reigning in Europe. Going back to ancient times, some of the ancestors are found in Rome, in regions of the Middle East, and ultimately amongst the ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

This extensive work about these ancestors consists of four volumes:
The first volume explains the activities and experiences of those ancestors, all in a framework of the social, political and economical circumstances of their time, in 400 pages. The offspring of the white and green clans get additional information about their ancestors of the Custers and other families.
Two volumes in large format display all the known ancestors of those families back to the ancient egyptians in 420 double-sided tables.
A fourth volume contains a catalogue of all the names on the above mentioned tables as well as further information on literature and more. This work won a prize of the foundation „Stiftung Kreatives Alter“ in Zürich and is available in bookstores in Switzerland to a price of CHF 440.-.

As a member of the Naeffen-clan you can order it directly from the author, Uli Steinlin, for a Naeffenfest-special-price of CHF 340.-. For history and genealogy enthusiasts it is surely an interesting read, and anyone related to the Naeff family will find interesting facts about their distant relatives in these books.


More information on the books (in german)

from the Helveticat-Webseite (Swiss National Library)

Author Steinlin, Uli W.
Title Die Vorfahren der Familie Steinlin von St. Gallen / Uli W. Steinlin
Publisher Basel : Krebs AG : Auslieferung Schweiz: Krebs AG [etc.], cop. 2008
Collation 4 Bd. ; versch. Formate
Contains Ahnentafeln Steinlin-Herzog. - 39 cm. Teil 1: Tafeln 1-200. - [327] S. + Zusatz ([4] S.) -- Teil 2: Tafeln 201-407. - [419 S.]
Contains Textband. - 407 S. : Portr. ; 31 cm
Contains Registerband. - 173 S. ; 31 cm
ISBN 9783857750014 (Krebs AG, Basel)
ISBN 9783768652001 (Degener, Insingen)