Whoever wants to experience the eventful history of this small old city should take a tour through the alleys of the old town. The beautiful houses are testiment to the past wealth of Altstätten. Worth a visit in particular are the house "Rehburg" at the Rathausplatz (Rathaus = city hall) which hosts a library, the house "zum Raben" (court house) and the "Prestegg" with its museum. The patient observer will find precious traces of the past alongside strolls through this old city center.
The houses at the Marktgasse, at Engelplatz and the Webergasse are other examples of historical architecture. We further recommend a stroll up to the "Forstkapelle", from where you have a nice view of the city and the hills of the region Appenzell.
Altstätten is famous for its weekly market taking place every Thursday. In addition it hosts large markets four times a year.

For the culturally interested

In the past few years, locals interested in the history and culture of the area have transformed the museum next to the "Prestegg" into one of the most beautiful municipal museums of the whole canton. Visitors from abroad can gain insight into the eventful history of Altstätten and the valley. The museum regularly hosts special exhibitions.


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View from Above

Altstaetten View from Above