A lot has happened behind the scenes in the last few months. The information flow has been a little sparse, here are some updates.

First and foremost: The registration for the reunion will open in the next few weeks!


Reunion Planning

The committee has met every 1-2 months since last summer. In between we worked on the many tasks which are needed to plan such a reunion. Because it only takes place every 5 years, there is a lot of information to dig out. It starts with ensuring that the farmer allows us to use the plot for the reunion and continues with talks to the municipality, organization of food, beverages and entertainment. All of this by a committee of volunteers where job, children and family can not come short. We are now at the point where we can soon send out the invitations! We would like to ask you this year to do the registration online via the family tree. It would reduce the work on our end greatly.



As always, the budget is a limiting factor. On one side we want to plan a great reunion with an appealing program for everyone, on the other side we have to keep the costs at bay and we rely on many volunteers (starting at the committee and then also during the reunion). Further, we want to keep many traditional aspects of the reunion but we also want to make it attractive for the younger generations. This all needs ideas, people to execute them and at the end it all has to fit into the budget. We are lucky and in a very comfortable position that the reunion does not have to be covered completely by the reunion fees, but of course we want to continue the reunion for many generations and therefore we also rely on sponsoring. Some things change from reunion to reunion, sometimes we have family members which volunteer to take over bigger tasks, other times we have to hire external people and need to consider higher costs.


Family Tree

Many updates have been entered into the family tree in the last few weeks. Especially in February where all the replies we received through our e-mail request were entered into the system. It is also getting to the point where an updated print-out of the family tree has to be generated again (the current downloads for printing are from December 2021). The updates to the printed version will be done in the next few weeks and it will also get communicated here. Shortly before the reunion another updated printed version will be made available again.

The family tree software also had a larger system update. If you see any issues or errors (page does not load, page is blank, links do not work) please let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the URL you visited, maybe a screenshot and the steps that lead to the issue.

The reunion sign up will be made available very soon. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you do not have a family tree login yet. If you have forgotten you password, you should be able to reset it easily through the login page. A reunion registration via the family tree is preferred and will simplify the work on our end.