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Dear Naeffen-Cousins

At the family reunion one year ago, the journalist Rebekka Haefeli wrote a report about our reunion in the NZZ (Neue Zürcher Zeitung). With that, the idea came up to write a book about the Naeff family. Ronja Sakata and Andreas Müller took on the idea together with Rebekka Haefeli and created a first draft of the idea. The Naeffenfest committee discussed the proposal at the closing meeting of the reunion 2019 (see attachment - german only). The idea got positive feedback. The comittee commissioned the initiators to invite historically interested family members to join the project. Naturally, the question about the projects financial aspect was discussed as well.

The initiators of the project were asked to present a budget which shows the financial possibilities and a time plan. The desirable timeline plans the publication for the next reunion in 2024.

For now, we would like to present the ideas to you and ask if you would like to join this project. We would be very interested in your comments, recommendations and criticism. Aside from collecting documents and images, we need IT specialists which can help to bring the files into electronically readable form. A chapter should also show how our relatives abroad live. Who would like to participate in that? At the beginning of our work we will also examine all existing documents which have been collected by Laurenz Gsell and Renate Altwegg-Im Hof.

Mit herzlichen Naeffengrüssen

 Ronja Sakata
 Andreas Müller

Attachment: Idea to write down the history of the family Naeff from Altstätten as Book (german only)


And the family reunion is already over again - too quickly as always. We had a very great weekend, and I would like to give thanks again to our committee, to all the volunteers which supported us so well and to the many many relatives which make this reunion so special.


Here is the link to the article in the NZZ:


And three more things:

  • We would like to get your feedback about the reunion: What did you like? What not? Where do you see potential for improvement? What did you miss?
  • Many of you took pictures during the reunion. Please send us your best pictures so that we can put them on this website accessible for everyone.
  • Any family tree related requests will be addressed in the next few weeks (due to vacation). There will also be a family tree available for download and print

Contact us through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We are counting over 360 registered members! Here is some last-minute information for the reunion.


Will be updated when more information is available
Last update: Wednesday, June 19 10:00 am



How to get there:

  • Stossbahn (train)
    • Special train 10:52 am / 11:02 am / 11:18 am from the station "Altstätten Stadt" directly to the reunion grounds
    • Regular Stossbahn Time table (Line Altstätten-Gais, stop "Alter Zoll", approximately 5min train ride from Altstätten)
    • Time table leaving "Alter Zoll"
    • The Stossbahn does not automatically stop at "Alter Zoll". A stop has to be requested by pressing the button on the train
  • Shuttle bus
    • A shuttle bus will be available on call (only Saturday)
    • Available Saturday 10:00 am until about 11:00 pm
  • By foot
    • from the Stossbahn parking lot to the reunion grounds: about 1.5km, 30min, 130m height difference, via "Alte Stossstrasse"
    • from the Stossbahn stop "Alter Zoll" to the reunion grounds: about 500m, 5min, mostly flat


  • General rehearsal: Friday evening, 7:15pm, in the main tent of the reunion grounds
  • We still need participants for the play! Just join the general rehearsal on Friday evening and we will find a space for you. Or talk to a member of the committee on Saturday by 4pm. There are silent roles as well! ;)

Reunion Program:

  • You can find the reunion program here


  • There will be a "Volunteer Corner" in the main tent. A plan will show your assigned tasks (where, when, with whom...)
  • Please help us out! Visit the "Volunteer Corner" to take on a spontaneous task - any help is appreciated!

 Name Cards:

  • You can pick up your name card on Saturday after 8.30am in front of/in the courtyard of the Prestegg house. If it rains this will probably be relocated inside the Prestegg or the museum.
  • After the departure of the Stoss-train (shortly before 11am) the name card pickup location will be moved to the tent on the reunion grounds


  • You can register yourself or accompanying family members at the name card pickup location on Saturday as well
  • For all last-minute registrations, it is important to read the "Payment" information below.


  • We still did not receive the payment from some participants. Please do not send the fee via our bank accounts after Monday, June 17. Otherwise we might not be able to verify your payment.
  • If the wire transfer did not get through - or if you registered late or at the reunion - you can pay on arrival at the name card pickup location. Please bring the exact amount in cash if possible!

Town Tour:

  • The start is at about 08:30 am from the Prestegg at the name card pickup location.
  • If needed, there will be two groups for the town tour.


  • To make it easier to recognize the committee members
    • we will wear light gray T-Shirts with a blue Naeffen-emblem
    • our name cards will be printed on light yellow colored paper

Other things in the reunion tent:

  • There will be a laptop computer where you can see and edit your personal details on the online-familytree.
  • You can order DVDs of previous reunions


With less than 3 weeks remaining and 350 registered people for the reunion we have closed the reunion registration. For changes to your registration or last minute registrations please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you are signed up for the reunion you can review the list of all participants here:

Family tree printing:

Starting June 1st we began with the printing of the family tree. This means that changes after June 1st might not be visible on the printed family tree in the reunion tent (we will watch for additional changes and include them when possible).


We are in need of more desserts for the dessert buffet Saturday afternoon! Please let us know on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you can contribute (cake, sweets, fruits, ...) - home made or from the bakery :). Hand them to us Saturday morning until 10am in the Prestegg courtyard (when you pick up your name tag) or find a committee member if you arrive later.

Reunion fee:

We still have a few reunion registration payments pending. Please make sure you can complete the payment as soon as possible (or let us know if you can not participate) - it might take a few days to show up in our account and we might not have the possibility to verify late payments during the reunion. See here for payment instructions. We also offer financial assistance if needed.

The date of the next Naeffen family reunion is coming closer! We now have over 260 people that registered in the online family tree for the reunion (this includes all postal/e-mail registrations which we entered in the family tree).


To everyone that has already registered for the reunion:

  • If you have already paid the fee and requested a confirmation: We ask for some patience, the confirmation will follow...
  • If you have registration or payment questions, send us a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Important: If you registered online (or if we sent the code to you), please include the provided billing code with your payment. And: we do not send out any deposit slips.

To everyone that would like to register:
Our deadline was April 20... but please register in the next few days if possible. The more the merrier! You will find all information here.

Do you need more information about the reunion?
Please visit this site (or our Facebook group). We will publish information there whenever something needs to be communicated.

In order for the celebration to go smoothly and stay affordable we need your help:
We need volunteers who serve food, help with cooking, volleyball coaches, picture mounters, people to help with setting up and cleaning up, and much more. Please contact Adrian (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), including which day and time we can count on your help.

Who would like to be part of the grandest stage production of the year? As active actor/actress or extra? Kathrin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) would be happy to hear from you or feel free to just show up to the rehearsal on Friday night.

With best regards,

The committee

A few important items for people who are going to register and people who have finished the registration already:


Selecting members for the registration:

If a member you are registering is already in our family tree database, please use the "Search and select" field under "Add Participant from Database" to select the member (in the very fist step of the registration). We are using the member information to print the name cards and such. Only use "Add Participant manually" if you are registering someone that is not in the database.

Please review your registration here:
If there are any members registered by you and you know they are in the database, but their name is not a link to that persons profile let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We can reopen your registration or fix it for you.


As person performing the registration:

The person which is logged in to the family tree is automatically a participant on the registration form (responsible for the registration and can not be removed). If you are the one doing the registration, please log in with your own account.


Thank you for everyone that already registered.