Recounted by Renata Altwegg-Im Hof

Grandma Marie Gsell-Bärlocher and Mama Friedli had in 1936 the task of making nameplates. For an easier recognization of the clan-affiliation of the carrier we decided to allocate colors for each clan.First, Mama and Me went to the stationery Hungerbühler (St. Gallen) to buy strong paper or cardstock. I was nine years old back then. The colors they offered was limited and not easy: 8 colors! We took what they had. Unfortunately we had to take two kinds of blue, for lack of other colors.

At home at the Girtannerstrasse in the Mosaik-room (attic room) Grandma, Mama and Me designated the colors to the clans. Actually, I was allowed to pick. For ours, the Gsellen-clan, it had to be red! Red was my favorite color, but only in combination with yellow. What I considered a bit selfish. -At last!- I picked green for the Bärlocher clan, as green was also the favorite color of Grandma.

I knew little of the other clans, so we assigned the other colors together.

That is how the clan-colors where chosen.


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