Before you register for the reunion, please take a look at the registration details.

There are two possibilities to register for the Naeffen Reunion 2019:

  1. Preferred: Log in to the online-familytree and select "Naeffen Reunion Registration". Follow the registration steps. (Help with the online-familytree here)
  2. You have a printed registration form. Fill it out and send it back to the address given on the form.

If you received the invitation per mail you should have a printed registration form enclosed. However, instead of registering per mail anyone can also register through the online-familytree. In case you prefer to register by mail and did not receive a registration form or you need a new one, you can download it here:


jean victor balin arrow orange right Please register until April 20st, 2019

jean victor balin arrow orange rightPlease make your payment before May 30st, 2019 to one of the following bank accounts (more information here).


Registration through the online-familytree:

We prefer the registration through the online-familytree because it gives you and us some advantages: