Translation from german: Die Vorfahren der Familie Steinlin von St. Gallen

The participants of the Naeffenfest 2009 may have wondered why the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses the great, who lived around 1320 to 1240 BC, came to be the caretaker of the current generation's Naeffen-spirit. It is simply because Ramses the great is the oldest well-known ancestor of all the Naeff family. You can read about this and more in the history-work "Die Vorfahren der Familie Steinlin von St.Gallen" (in German only), researched and written by Uli Steinlin. The Steinlin family are descendants of Johann Matthias Naeff and Maria Dalp, and are therefore listed in the ancestry of the Naeff family. If you look even further into the past of our progenitors (German: Stammelternpaar), there are ancestors from Altstätten, the Rheintal, and Glarus in the family line of the Naeffs (back then: Näff), and from Graubünden, Zürich, and other regions of Switzerland in the family line of the Dalps. Tracing those families back you discover here and there members of the lower nobility, later also of the higher nobility and and the ruling families reigning in Europe. Going back to ancient times, some of the ancestors are found in Rome, in regions of the Middle East, and ultimately amongst the ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

This extensive work about these ancestors consists of four volumes:
The first volume explains the activities and experiences of those ancestors, all in a framework of the social, political and economical circumstances of their time, in 400 pages. The offspring of the white and green clans get additional information about their ancestors of the Custers and other families.
Two volumes in large format display all the known ancestors of those families back to the ancient egyptians in 420 double-sided tables.
A fourth volume contains a catalogue of all the names on the above mentioned tables as well as further information on literature and more. This work won a prize of the foundation „Stiftung Kreatives Alter“ in Zürich and is available in bookstores in Switzerland to a price of CHF 440.-.

As a member of the Naeffen-clan you can order it directly from the author, Uli Steinlin, for a Naeffenfest-special-price of CHF 340.-. For history and genealogy enthusiasts it is surely an interesting read, and anyone related to the Naeff family will find interesting facts about their distant relatives in these books.


More information on the books (in german)

from the Helveticat-Webseite (Swiss National Library)

Author Steinlin, Uli W.
Title Die Vorfahren der Familie Steinlin von St. Gallen / Uli W. Steinlin
Publisher Basel : Krebs AG : Auslieferung Schweiz: Krebs AG [etc.], cop. 2008
Collation 4 Bd. ; versch. Formate
Contains Ahnentafeln Steinlin-Herzog. - 39 cm. Teil 1: Tafeln 1-200. - [327] S. + Zusatz ([4] S.) -- Teil 2: Tafeln 201-407. - [419 S.]
Contains Textband. - 407 S. : Portr. ; 31 cm
Contains Registerband. - 173 S. ; 31 cm
ISBN 9783857750014 (Krebs AG, Basel)
ISBN 9783768652001 (Degener, Insingen)