Publications about the family or family members, the Naeffenfest and/or Altstätten.

If you know a publication or if you even wrote something by yourself and want that to be listed here, please contact Thomas Naeff. It could be a presentation, a speech or a thesis about our families, the Naeffenfest and/or Altstätten...


Andreas Kläui: NZZ am Sonntag, June 8, 2014, "Liebet euch untereinander"

Article published in the NZZ am Sonntag, June 8, 2014. About the Naeffen Reunion, our Ancestors, etc. (in german):

Liebet euch untereinander, Page 1
Liebet euch untereinander, Page 2


Uli Steinlin: The Ancestors of the Family Steinlin of St. Gallen (German)

A 400-page book explaining and recounting lots of details about the ancestors and their activities and experiences in context of the social, political and economical situation of their time. 420 double-page tables show the many known ancestors of this family, back to the oldest roots of the family in the ancient Egypt.
Available in German language only.

Link to the article (Summary in English)